A bit about me….

The Cliff notes.

I received a BFA with a concentration in Photography and Computer Digital Imagery from Shepherd University, WV. Directly after graduation, I packed up my 1985 BMW 325 with just about everything I owned and headed down south to the sunshine state. If it didn’t fit in my car, it landed in the attic of Mom and Dad, (most of which is still there).

In Florida, I proceeded to the warmest beach hiring and continued on with my career in Ocean Rescue; that’s fancy for Beach Lifeguard. I had always loved my summer job and decided to make it a “permanent one”, (year round that is). Some of the best years ever!

Fast forward….. I’ll share the details of in-between over coffee with you sometime. I went back to school. I didn’t go back for Photography, Graphic Design, or Painting. I went for Education.

I received my Masters in Education as well as an internationally recognised degree in Montessori Education. I couldn’t see myself teaching children in a traditional setting. I found something bigger and better, something cosmic, something timeless and holistic; Montessori Education. I knew that the only way to contribute towards a beautiful future was through children.

The ‘international’ aspect of the Montessori degree has brought me to where I am now, New Zealand. So here I am, living in the undoubtedly most beautiful places on the planet. I have been here teaching and living a full-on life for several years now.

We love it here and have made NZ our home. Everything we need is here; a snow covered mountain to hike, consistently beautiful surf to ride, rolling hills to run, and everything amazing in between.

I want to share some beauty and adventure with family and friends. I want to make new family and friends! Take a look and see what I see through the lens. I’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s make beautiful photographs together.


Charming, dedicated, passionate. I love to cook and eat good food. I see the little details in movies, such as someone picking their nose in the background. I love to analyse the cinematography of films. (So I'm not that fun to watch movies with I suppose.) I sleep very little yet work very hard.... I think its a super power. I love to travel and my favourite part of traveling is the food, new sights, and accents. I am a runner, a swimmer, and a jiu jitsu ka.
FujiFilm XT-1. Various lenses. A well trained eye.