One of the many benefits we’ve experienced while living here in New Zealand is our Summer holiday occurring during our Christmas holiday.

Now, I say benefit only because while we gear up to head to the beach for a BBQ, the other side of the planet is shivering next to a fire place after shovelling their cars out of the snow. Sorry, not sorry. Just remember, come Summer for you, while you are out watching a magical display of fireworks, eating corn on the cob, and getting attacked by mosquitoes, we’ll be hugging our heat pumps and stoking our wood burners here in New Zealand. Its all balanced I suppose.

Who am I kidding really? I moved here from South Florida! I had already sworn off winter and was living in the land of the Endless Summer prior to my moving to New Zealand. Ha! Still, I consider the NZ Summer during the Christmas holiday a bonus.

While last Summer we did a bit of island hopping and headed over to Bali for part of our Summer holiday, this Summer we’ve had more of a stay-cation. The Taranaki Region has so much to offer and so much to experience. In fact, folks travel here from all over to holiday during the Summer months because of all its available attractions. There’s no need for us to leave! We can just vacation where we live!

So, thats what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks. We’ve gone on local tramps, frequented the pick your own strawberry farm, frequented the brewery, headed to the beach for the day, joined the local Surf-Club, etc. I’ve been able to keep up with my running and swimming, Madeline is awesome and braver than ever on the scooter, and John grew a beard…. which he just shaved off today actually (much to my dismay). Anyway, we’ve been enjoying our New Zealand Summer. We love it here!


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